Munich 2012

We went as simple visitors at the Munich High End Show in May 2012, and we have reported some pictures of products that we stock, and others which have caught our ear. Discover our little story in pictures.

Let’s start with what we believe was one of the best sound of the show. In a bright room, we listened to the new flagship Vivid loudspeaker, combined with a Plinius SA Reference power amplifier and Audio Aero La Source player-preamp.

The beautiful Avant Garde electronic amazed us by their quality workmanship. This incredible injected chassis! And the speakers, what line!

Very nice listening to this flat speakers based system. Real concert in size, very traditional live listening. Beautiful but bulky.

Heed: white or black? Now you can choose two finishes in the king of price / quality ratio line.

Very nice machines, bulky, heavy, expensive, and finally that happiness! Includes MB, KR Audio, Burmester, Soulution, D’Agostino …

The stand of exotic JBL. They are incredible these Americans, they even invited a crocodile …

Orpheus, the new range at full strength, and the fabulous high-end converter with fabulous look.

The stand of very musical electronic Plinius where you can admire the extent of the range. By cons, Usher speakers, blah …

There is only in Munich we see it: a loooooot of turntables.

As fans of the first Levinson and Cello, we were throwing an ear in Viola: muscled listening but straight, a forest of cables! Very interesting.


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