Munich 2013

As every year, we scoured the aisles of the High End show in Munich, and there we felt the trend … It is always a pleasure to linger. The big products and turntables have the coast! We visited our suppliers and the brands we love.


Very pleasant and natural listening on JM Reynaud speakers and 3D Electronic Lab. Hypermusical a result without artifice, far from delusional demonstrations …

Beautiful Gryphon stand with beautiful plays held peacefully. Our favorite amp, the beautiful MEPHISTO on TRIDENT 2 speakers: for us the best listening room! New comprehensive KALLIOPE converter new “small” preamp ATHENA € 12,000.00 that seems very musical.

As usual, a very large and beautiful AvantGarde stand, continually crowded. New model speaker ZERO ONE more liveable and affordable as the beautiful TRIO, which listening is quite “impressive”. Like last year, very nice electronic preamp & amp.

EgglestonWorks, our favorite speakers. Few models present on the stand this year but the exceptional: a pair of SAVOY SIGNATURE! For wealthy lover but especially muscular (170 kgs each …): 4 Woofer per channel, and the requirement to use an electronic of very high level. The new model NINE SIGNATURE all dressed in white (elegant). Both are in our auditorium now, we are really lucky! Thank you for the very friendly team EGGLESTONWORKS come so far with these two beautiful things.

In Plinius, presentation of the new version of TIKI with the European representative, Pedro Lorenzo and Daniel Maumus French importer. The SA 103 amplifier is always there for our pleasure, unbeatable price / performance ratio! Two SA REFERENCE, one black and one white, are on the stand, still impressive. The preamp M8 we love for his musicality / price ratio.

We discovered to our delight, the entire range of YBA in Munich.

Audio Note, the most “mythical” of audio brand, a beautiful deck, a beautiful 1000 MK2 preamp and amp KAGURA.

Beautiful Koetsu cartridges, still magical.

We found a UFO in the living room of Munich, a 3 amp meters high, 60 000 watts (yes, yes). The weight and price, we do not know!

Presentation of beautiful and futuristic preamp and amp VIOLA CRESCENDO CONCERTO.

In Orpheus, we saw a beautiful HERITAGE SACD player with the converter is not only super nice but does work!

Complete new line very musical CLASSIC with sophisticated music for VANGUARD cloud server.

Beautiful stand from Heed, our “baby brand ” super-musical in super tight prices. Improved overall finish in short, what a pleasure!


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