Beethoven – Symphonie N°6 « Pastorale »

Bayerisches Staatsorchester

Direction : Carlos Kleiber

Live recording : 7th november 1983

Orfeo d’or C 600 031B

There are musical events that fall within the miracle. This is the case of this Pastorale. Miracle because:

  • It’s Carlos Kleiber which conducts, and we know its requirement in the selection and preparation works he directed.
  • This is the only time he led this symphony.
  • So it is with a fresh eye, but also with the experience and maturity of a leader of 63 years he approaches this work.

The tape recording of this concert by the Bavarian radio was damaged when it was resumed after 20 years. This is a copy of K7 (there was one in good condition) that was used for this CD.

This is because of this succession of exceptional circumstances that we can now have a single document where we find the genius of the composer.

Difficult to classify this interpretation is not “traditional” (Furtwängler, Walter), or ” Back to Basics” (Harnoncourt). It is out of fashion. It exudes a sense of evidence. This symphony was designed like this and not otherwise.

Carlos Kleiber respect to the letter of the composer’s tempo markings, which places it among the fastest executions : Kleiber ( 35’40 ) , Furtwängler – 1952 ( 44’56 ) , Harnoncourt ( 44’28 ), Walter – 1958 ( 40’51 ) , Karajan – 1963 ( 35’53 ). These lively tempos added to the clarity of speech, bring a lot of life. The scene at the water’s edge is a delight of freshness and shimmering away from the storm, which, with lightning and thunder shattering is vigorous and violent. Other movements to match.

One critic wrote about this concert: “Management is Carlos Kleiber air : there are few leaders able to get their band such lightness and precision as great in the joints. But even more , sensuality he has shown in the listener creates a great emotion behind the strings and brass , a world suddenly takes shape, with its trees and ponds, the blinding sun . ”

Although taken from an audio tape, the sound is more than acceptable.

This Nov. 7, 1983 Beethoven was in the room. This means the public and did not make a mistake, he who remained as groggy, had to take a recovery time before applauding wildly at the end of the concert.

When two musical geniuses meet … !

Signed JPB!


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