Paris 2014


Impressive demo on the tiny Micromega system consisting of an amplifier, a pair of speakers and all the necessary modules for almost € 1,000! Ideal for those who do not have much space and whose “waf” is very (too) low.

Avant Garde

Very nice listening (perhaps the best of the show) of Avant Garde Duo Omega with the newly integrated Avant Garde. Natural delivery, great presence … in ‘delicate’ pieces, integrated amplification is really serious … The integrated solution Avant Garde looks very well balanced. Thank you Armin Krauss for these beautiful tracks.

Egglestonworks & Viola

“Discreet” presentation of Egglestonworks Nico & Emma speakers, Viola Concerto amp and Viola Crescendo preamp. They are in our auditorium with the rest of the range : Viola Bravo, Legacy and Forte amps.


14, place Léon Deubel
75016 Paris – France
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