Haute-fidélité 2014

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Jadis Living Voice

We conducted a very pleasant listening of Jadis tubes electronics on Living Voice speakers in the company of a beautiful Jadis turntable. The French manufacturer is renewed at the moment, and we have only to congratulate ourselves.

Nagra, Marten

Thank you to the importer for presenting the Supreme Marten certainly very heavy speakers! We could also enjoy world exclusive listening prototypes of future mono power amplifiers from Nagra.

PMC, Avant-Garde, Thorens

We enjoyed this presentation “old fashioned” …  DEA proposed indeed listening quite surprisingly PMC Limited column and Avant Garde Zero One, the all-in-one models that incorporate amplification, conversion and streaming functions.

Gryphon, Rockport

The very powerful, very heavy and very musical amp Mephisto was there: Royal … We tested it extensively and have had excellent results on EgglestonWorks speakers. Beautiful Spiral Groove turntable shown on this company stand very promising Reed tonearm and the well known Tri-Planar arm. A well established references association.


Microméga was again present in this room, for our greatest pleasure with its “My Tiny” system but also a sound “My Extraordinary!” The amp MyAmp and MySpeaker speakers were connected with new cables. Where will they stop?

Tidal Vitus Audio, Esoteric

Beautiful stand and beautiful listening German Tidal Agoria SEspeakers with Vitus Audio electronics. But the best surprise was the very “impressive” digital source Esoteric Grandioso, exceptional workmanship. Transport is equipped with the Neo-VRDS Vmk3 mechanics. Could this be the best set of digital reading of the market?


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75016 Paris – France
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