François N.

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François N. is an audiophile and videophile. To satisfy his passion, he did not go around the bush, and he built next to his house, a separate building that houses the sprawling installation. There he added a very efficient acoustic treatment. Hi-fi sound system consists of a 3D Lab Millenium universal player with built-in preamp, a pair of mono blocks Exposure MCX feeding a pair of speakers Magnepan 1.7 wisely upgraded with Murata super tweeter. All wiring is Absolute Creations Ul-Tim series. In this installation, the home theater quality “complement” consist in a Cary Cinema 11 HD processor associated with a 5-channel power amp Halcro Logic driving two additional pairs of Magnepan 1.7 and a Velodyne DD15 sub. The Sony HW50 projector is enhanced with a motorized anamorphic lens for cinemascope screen format 16 / 9th.


14, place Léon Deubel
75016 Paris – France
GSM 06 07 17 40 07