The auditorium

A good specialist will not work without his tools!

To help you discover the references that he plebiscite and rising stars that he chose to defend, Philippe Loutrel offers a large auditorium in padded comfort. In this quiet space you will discover a selection of hand-picked products,for their musical qualities, of course, but also for their practicality and durability. His vast collection of CDs and LPs will be at your service.

True guarantor of the continuity of your purchase, Philippe Loutrel assures you a perfect solution to long term. To guarantee the best service, every demonstration is made only by appointment. Once your choice is mature, a demonstration in situ, in your walls to validate the proposal and to determine the last options (location, finish, possible integration).


14, place Léon Deubel
75016 Paris – France
GSM 06 07 17 40 07