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  • Auditorium

    To help you discover the references he recommends, Philippe Loutrel offers you a large auditorium. In this soothing place you can listen to his collection of CDs and vinyl records sorted for their musical quality.

  • Auditorium

    To help you discover the references he recommends, Philippe Loutrel offers you a large auditorium. In this soothing place you can listen to his collection of CDs and vinyl records sorted for their musical quality.

  • Auditorium

    To help you discover the references he recommends, Philippe Loutrel offers you a large auditorium. In this soothing place you can listen to his collection of CDs and vinyl records sorted for their musical quality.


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The range of products selected by Philip Loutrel takes into account several criteria. Apart from the musicality and reliability factors which dominate a good choice, Audio Select wished to observe a fair proportion in each price category. Whether you are interested in an affordable chain or an exceptional system, you will find the best equipment. And Philippe Loutrel do not content to choose established references. In skillful pioneer, he is ahead of demand and prospects for international trade fairs to find the gems that will showcase your environment, and that in all price ranges. Finally, he has kept within its range of very special products such as turntables and tube amplifiers. Key Elements of vintage audio culture, these products are pampered at Audio Select because Philip Loutrel practice them daily for over twenty years. Their tuning is no secret to him.

Wilson Benesch 25 Circle
On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the British firm Wilson Benesch launches a special version of its turntable: the 25th Anniversary Circle. It is exclusive presentation previewed in Paris in Audio Select during the months of June, July and August 2014: it will be listened on Eglestonworks Andra speakers in combination with either:
- The Viola Cadenza or Solo American high range preamps in coupling with Legacy 100 watt class A mono block.
- The Gryphon Mephisto 2 x 175 watts class A amplifier associated with Pandora or Athena preamplifiers.

Viola Crescendo DAC preamp
This remarkable preamplifier includes a converter that works up to a resolution of 24 bits / 192 kHz. The entry is via USB or S/PDIF. Crescendo uses wireless iOS compatible remote control, allowing you to fully handle via your iPhone or iPad. Price: € 20,700. This magnificent machine rewarded us with a rich sound reproduction, smooth and dynamic. With it, the HD files come back to life with amazing force. Marriage with the Concerto amp is particularly successful.

Gryphon Athena preamp succeeds Sonata Allegro
It benefits from the latest research and technological developments related to the development of Pandora and the Mirage, the highest references from the Danish brand. Athena appears to € 11,800 and has a high performance optional phono input charged € 1500. Athena Preamplifier is a model of smoothness, natural and fluidity. Acoustic instruments are embodied with a rare authenticity.

Micromega Aria Air Dream network player
The Micromega Aria Air Dream network drive is a CD quality audio source operating thanks to Apple’s AirPlay protocol. So this source is focused on playing audio files from a computer with iTunes, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, connected via WiFi LAN. A model of usability and performance for a very cool € 3,500.

Pure Audio remote arrived
Very simple, it manages the volume. It adapts to the excellent Control Preamplifier after a small handling we do here. Contact us for more information.

Gryphon Pandora & Mephisto
Founded in 1985 in Denmark by Flemming Rasmussen, Gryphon is known for its high-end electronics operating in pure class A totally symmetric and without feedback. The Pandora is a two parts preamplifier (power and preamp) using a 85 steps Charcroft Audio Z-Fiol potentiometer. Mephisto, meanwhile, develops 2 x 175 watts with absolutely stunning ease. In truth, we never heard our EgglestoWorks Andra work as well. Come to discover absolutely. Although prices are high, but in the elite, these two are remarkable.

You know us, we have proposed the “real” Mark Levinson in the first hour (some of our older customers still play with ML1/ML2!). Then we have long represented Cello. It was therefore quite logical that today we are committed to defend Viola. Iconic brand created by Tom Colangelo, the brain of Cello, very exclusive company that embodies everything we love about the high end: wildest performance, best musicality and a caution that made ​​this investment, a real placement.
We have on our shelves Cadenza and Solo preamplifiers accompanied by their separate power supplies, and Legacy mono blocks, 100 watts of pure class A sublime power.
Come listen and succumb to their charms.

Wilson Benesch
The Circle turntable is the result of 10 years of research. Wilson Benesch control the mechanical resonances by using lightweight materials, carbon and aluminum. Audio Select choose it in its high-end version called Nano Circle. This is a package comprising the Nano Tube tonearm and the Nano Carbon cartridge. Full Price: € 6800. Optionally, the Circle Stand (595 €) will let you enthroned the Circle on a pedestal at its height!

We have never hidden our attraction to these beautiful American speakers. We had the opportunity to listen and promote them in the past. Today, distribution has changed, and also their range, which ensures Audio Select the ability to work effectively with this remarkable product.
Founded fifteen years ago by William Eggleston and Peter McGrath, Egglestonworks is a brand that was immediately distinguished from the rest of the production in terms of electrodynamic loudspeakers. From the beginning, the Fontaine was part of the catalog, as well as the famous Andra. Today, while remaining true to the philosophy that made it successful, the company has evolved, and models as well. Thus, the Fontaine has grown from a large monitor to an elegant column.
 We are able to demonstrate permanently the models Dianne 2 (3400 euros per pair), Fontaine Signature (8400 euros per pair) and Andra 3 (27 500 euros per pair).
Dianne’s work already well with the Heed Obelisk SI (€ 1360) and Van Medevoort MA260 (€ 1,590) integrated amps. They are even more musical with the MA350 (€ 2,400), and when you plug the X2 optional power supply to the Obelisk SI (800 €). The Fontaine Signature need more power. We must therefore consider the Heed separate elements, preamp and power amp or mono blocks, or a more powerful integrated amp as the Plinius Hautonga. As for Andra, they demand the best. We get good results with the Plinius SA 103 or SB 301. But you must know that as you ascend the range of better amps, and the more they will give you …

Within the new Plinius range CD-101 player and integrated amplifier Hautonga have truly impressed us. These are mature products, designed, reliable, musical, beautifully made from the finest materials. These are timeless musical accomplishments and offered at prices still affordable. Come and discover them, they are already on our shelves.  But at Plinius, our sure bet is the power amplifier SA-103: 100 watts in pure class A.

Pure Audio
This New Zealand brand was created by Gary Morrison, the former chief engineer of Plinius, and Ross Stevens, the inspired designer behind the look of these famous curvilinear products. In Pure Audio, the two men of art let speak their talent, with a narrow but extremely interesting range. It includes the Pure Preamp preamplifier (€ 7,800), the Pure Phono universal phono preamp (€ 4,200) and the Pure Amp monoblocks, delivering sixty « real » watts in pure class A (€ 7,400 each). These are products manufactured in the rules of authentic craftmanship, with noble and proven components. Voluntarily stripped, they focus on « pure » performance, and will cross the fads without any disturbance.
Complete test of the Pure Audio preamplifier


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