Our installations

Once your system is defined, we enter the part of the installation. The quality of the latter determines the final performance. Audio Select travels throughout France and even abroad to implement in detail the set up you have chosen. Philippe Loutrel spend the time necessary to validate the wiring and optimization with many listening tests, with you, a friendly way to take ownership of your new investment in situ. If necessary, he will discuss with you a customized solution to place the equipment in the room (specific furniture, development…).


François N.

An audio video installation nicely tuned.


Jean-Charles B.

JBL DD66000 in a wining combination.


Gérald M.

A magnificent set up: pure and ultimate.


Jean-Christophe L. following

Our friend knows how to make his system evolving.


Hervé G.

Mr. G. is very lucky… He lives with his family in a beautiful house in the countryside. The spacious living room offers an excellent natural acoustics, further enhanced by an intelligent acoustic treatment placed on the ceiling.


Jean-Christophe L.

Jean-Christophe is a music lover living in a beautifully apartment, furnished with some very beautiful pieces of contemporary art, and a magnificent system.



It is now over 10 years that I know Philippe Loutrel and Audioselect. I progressed step by step to achieve this remarkable system…


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