Philippe Loutrel

The expert

Accomplished music lover and passionate of sound reproduction, Philippe Loutrel created the Audio Select auditorium, more than twenty years ago. Since then, he devoted himself to the high-end high-fidelity, with all the legitimacy of a specialist. Expert, he has explored most brands, and has developed an uncompromising hierarchical study. Open, he patiently watched the evolution of technology to keep only the best performing media. Today, he will recommend the solution that best meets your needs with its panoramic vision of a universe in full transformation. Methodical, it will install in state of the art facility, in your universe, totally custom, and especially respecting the draconian rules of optimization. Philippe Loutrel do not offer equipment, it ensures you a result in perfect harmony with your desires.


14, place Léon Deubel
75016 Paris – France
GSM 06 07 17 40 07